First Meeting For Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Options In Ohio

What to Bring

We ask for a lot of information at your first appointment so that we can fully analyze your situation and come up with the solution that is best for you. Whether you are considering chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, the more information that can be brought to the first appointment, the more complete answers we can have to your questions. You should expect your first appointment to last from one and a half to two hours.

  1. A complete list of all your creditors (include their name, correspondence address, account number and balance due). Creditors include the IRS, student loans, family members, friends, doctor bills, your mortgage and car loan. Also bring the most recent copy of each bill.
  2. A list of a debts that you have co-signed for someone else, or that someone else has co-signed for you.
  3. Your paycheck stubs for the last 6 months.
  4. Certificates of title for all vehicles, whether you owe money on them or not. If you have a leased vehicle, bring a copy of the lease.
  5. Recorded deed and mortgage for each piece of real estate that you own. If you have more than one mortgage on your property, we needed each recorded mortgage.
  6. Your last three (3) years of tax returns, with W-2s.
  7. If you are divorced within the last 10 years, a copy of your divorce decree and/or separation agreement.
  8. Your most recent statement for each retirement account that you have.
  9. Any papers that you have regarding any lawsuits, judgments or liens against you.
  10. A rough idea of your monthly budget expenses.